Conserva Aves in the Imperial City, a Flight to the RedLAC Congress 2023

The Conserve Birds Initiative will be present at the XXV RedLAC 2023 Congress in Cusco, Peru to share the progress and resulting Innovative Nature-Based Solutions through our RedLAC partners for the protection of biodiversity and its sustainability.

Conserva Aves in the Imperial City, a Flight to the RedLAC Congress 2023

In a world where the triple planetary crisis is creating new challenges, conservation and sustainability initiatives stand as lighthouses of hope to reduce and mitigate its effects. In this context, Conserva Aves is presented as a commitment to the protection of our birds and forest corridors in the Latin American region.

This Initiative offers the opportunity to protect critical sites quickly and at scale, focusing on sites of critical importance for globally threatened, nationally endemic, and priority migratory bird species, and works to close existing gaps in the protection of birds and areas of high biodiversity value.

Thus, once again, we are proud to announce the participation of Conserva Aves in the XXV RedLAC 2023 Congress, to be held October 23-26, in Cusco, Peru, an event that brings together leaders and experts in green finance and sustainable development in a collective effort to promote a greener and more resilient future.

The Conserva Aves Initiative will be present in Cusco to share advances and the Nature-Based Solutions that are being innovated by our RedLAC partners for biodiversity protection and sustainability.

Conserva Aves is an initiative led by National Audubon Society, BirdLife International, American Bird Conservancy and the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC by its acronym in Spanish), which promotes climate resilience and sustainable development.

We extend our invitation to all those who share our passion for birds to meet us in Cusco.

Learn more about the Initiative at: https://conservaves.redlac.org/ or buy your tickets now at: www.congresoredlac.org

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