BirdLife Annual Meeting in the Americas presented progress of the Conserva Aves Initiative

50 conservation leaders from the Americas gathered to share and reflect on conservation opportunities and challenges in the region.

BirdLife Americas

Alfonso Hernández, coordinator of the Conserva Aves Initiative for BirdLife Americas shares the Initiative's achievements two years after its implementation.

BirdLife Annual Meeting in the Americas presented progress of the Conserva Aves Initiative

During the meeting, the regional strategic plan, outstanding projects and success stories, key areas for biodiversity, sustainable financing mechanisms, climate change, innovation, Americas Flyways Initiative, Conserva Aves, strategic communication, capacity building and governance were discussed.

Alfonso Hernandez Rios, Coordinator of the Conserva Aves Initiative for BirdLife Americas, presented the Initiative, highlighting progress, projections and achievements.

The presentation emphasized recent studies where “… nearly 40% of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) enjoy some form of protection, yet current protected areas adequately cover the ranges of only 9% of migratory bird species”.

A particular focus of the Conserva Aves Initiative is in the tropical Andean countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, whose forests and grasslands are critical for threatened migratory and endemic bird species that contain some of the highest rates of biodiversity on the planet and provide wintering refuges for many birds that summer in North America.

Conserva Aves will also develop sustainable livelihood opportunities for people living in and around these areas.

Large-scale habitat conversion and degradation, along with an alarming loss of biodiversity, are advancing rapidly throughout Latin America. Protected areas as part of landscape and seascape approaches are a proven strategy to safeguard biodiversity, mitigate climate change, improve water security, and support community-based adaptation to climate change through nature-based solutions. Conserva Aves will contribute to national commitments under the biodiversity and climate conventions.

In a participatory and inclusive tone, participants discussed how to address the specific challenges facing the region in terms of conservation. Without losing sight of reality, key biodiversity areas were highlighted and sustainable financing mechanisms were explored, recognizing the need for pragmatic approaches.

The event closed with the presentation of the plumage of the Americas, symbolizing a joint commitment to conservation across borders.

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