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Conserva Aves Calls coming soon to Bolivia and Ecuador!

Bolivia and Ecuador are preparing for Conserva Aves Initiative. These two countries will soon open their doors to initiate the launching of calls and support the migratory route of birds.

Bolivia and Ecuador prepare for Conserva Aves Initiative

Conserve Birds is a bold and unprecedented approach that seeks to match the scale of conservation solutions to the scale of the challenges facing vulnerable wildlife. The people and organizations behind this initiative share a vision of a more sustainable future, facilitated by the preservation of essential habitats for birds and other wildlife, and the vital environmental benefits they bring to communities throughout the hemisphere.

We invite you to stay tuned, as we will be updating some very exciting news regarding Conserva Aves’ calls for proposals in the coming weeks. Get ready to join forces and take flight in both nations, contributing to this laudable mission of avian preservation.

We encourage you to keep your eyes on the horizon, as great opportunities lie ahead!